Bodys y Fajas Reductoras By HassiWe have 10 years of expertise in design, manufacturing and comercialization of slimming shapewear for women.

Our clients are women who wish to have a smoother bodyline and care for their health. We focus on designing garments that satisfy the needs of modern women.

We promise to offer the best top quality materialsin all our products.

In ourportfolio we have:


  • Slimming dresses
  • Slimming shapewear
    Panties with control
    Panties witout control
    Leggings with control
    Swimsuits with control
    Pijamas with control
    The main beenefits of our prducts are:

    Our added value is that most of our products provide esthetic, health and comfort benefits and we use season – appropriate fabrics.

    Benefits: Most of our products offer the following benefits:

    As smart clothes:

    It is a designed with an anatomical waist for better mobility.
    It perfects the figure thanks to the built-in straps made of a special fabric combining specific fibers that stylize the figure instantaneously.
    It is an intelligent article, that helps mold the areas that need it.
    It eliminates fat deposits in the back
    It has a design that allows to reduce centimeters in the abdomen and lifts the buttocks
    It´s ideal to be used with clothing, allowing to illuminate a slender body.

    As healthy clothes:

    It offers softness and freshness for better skin perspiration
    It controls flabbiness
    It improves the posture
    Its component of latex has a thermal action that stimulates the perspiration of the abdominal area, eliminating toxins, dead cells and fat deposites, which are sent to the external part of the garment across its fibers, avoiding any sensation of dampness. With constant use, it can reduce the waist by up to two sizes
    Ideal for postpartum and post-surgical recovery, in accordance with medical recommendations.

    “Latest Innovation in fabrics for slimming shapewear ® Hassi for a young and healthy skin”


    We use Emana, which is a smart thread made of bioactive crystals that absorb the heat body´s and transform them into infrared rays. These rays enter the skin and work in stimulating the metabolism.

    ref 2007 tela con beneficio celulitis By Hassi

    Health benefits of our fabrics:

    • Reduction of flabbiness
    • Increase of skin elasticity by 8%
    • Increase of collagen production by 14%
    • Improvement of thermoregulation of skin by 51%
    • Increase of blood circulation by 92%

    Benefits of our fabrics as clothes:

    • Smoothness
    • Comfort
    • Easy to wash
    • Breathable
    • Dampness absorption

    Within our portfolio of products we offer: